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New Year’s resolutions

  • Posted By Aga and Dale
  • On 11th January 2019

New Year’s resolutions

It’s January, the month of resolutions that are supposed to change our life. What are the reasons for these determinations of change? Perhaps, because we are not entirely happy with some aspects of our life, i.e. job or health we remain quite self-critical and often see things as difficulties or problems.
As ‘reflection’ has become more and more prevalent in teaching and learning, what about applying this to our life, especially in the way we think and perceive things? One of Carl Rogers’ concepts was that reflecting and learning engage the whole person, modifying and transforming our cognitive system, as well as our beliefs, feelings and self-concept.
 Instead of fixing something that we consider a fault, why don’t we start with reflecting on our perceptions and attitudes.
I am sure that it is more exciting to live up to our challenges rather than our difficulties.

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