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Next Course On 10th April 2019 To 11th April 2019 (FULL)

HABC Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Catering, Manufacture (RQF)

Following Course On 12th April 2019 (10 Places Left)

HABC Level 2 Award in Food Safety For catering/Manufacture

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 All Courses Run In Sheffield.

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Next Course On 29th April 2019 To 30th April 2019 (10 Places Left)

HABC Level 3 Award in HACCP for catering, manufacture (RQF)

Following Course On 3rd May 2019 (10 Places Left)

VACCP and TACCP workshop

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 All Courses Run In Sheffield.

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Next Course On 2nd May 2019 (10 Places Left)

HABC Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management (RQF)

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 All Courses Run In Sheffield.

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 All Courses Run In Sheffield.

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Next Course On 4th April 2019 To 5th April 2019 (6 Places Left)

HABC Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection Skills (RQF)

Following Course On 17th June 2019 To 18th June 2019 (10 Places Left)

HABC Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection Skills (RQF)

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 All Courses Run In Sheffield.

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Our Courses

Courses We Provide

Food Hygiene & Safety


We offer food safety training at Levels 2, 3 and 4

The Food safety training we deliver is interactive and interesting as well as informative. We use books, scenarios, information sheets, gap-fill exercises, videos and games to inform build and assess food safety knowledge and legislation.

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We offer HACCP training at Levels 2, 3 and 4

If you run a food business, you must have a plan based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles.

The HACCP plan keeps your food safe from biological, chemical, allergenic and physical food safety hazards.

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Food Allergens


We offer accredited allergen training at Levels 2 and 3.

The training and assessment contribute to an altogether more compliant and diligent approach to Food Allergens

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Education & Training (EATs)


We offer training for the Highfield Level 3 Award in Education and Training (EATs)

EATs is an RQF qualification (RQF stands for Regulated Qualifications Framework) which replaced the Highfield Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) qualification.

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Effective Auditing


We offer training for the Highfield Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection (RQF)

This qualification is aimed at supervisors, team leaders, chefs, QA staff and managers working in a variety of industries where verification, auditing (including internal auditing and supplier auditing) or inspection is undertaken.

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Delivering Training


We offer training for the Highfield Level 3 Award in Delivering Training (RQF)

This qualification provides a good basis to help learners get a footing in training. It is mainly aimed at those who will use pre-prepared training materials to effectively deliver training within the workplace.

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Health & Safety


We offer Health & Safety training at Levels 2 and 3.

Employers are responsible for providing safe and healthy workplace conditions and the right systems and methods for safe activities. Employees also have a vital part to play in the equation.

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Emergency First Aid


We offer Emergency First Aid training at Level 3.

1 to 3 day courses designed to suit individuals who wish to act as a First Aider in their workplace. All our courses include the correct use of Automated external defibrillators (AEDs). This will give trainees the skills and confidence to use a defibrillator and perform CPR.

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Who Are We?

AD Training Solutions is a specialist food safety training company based in South Yorkshire that provides bespoke and standard accredited and non-accredited training to individuals as well as small, medium and large businesses and companies anywhere in the UK and Europe.

All our food safety & training resources serve to inform, educate and assist compliance. There’s nothing complicated about our training and consultancy, we just emphatically believe that safe food leads to better health and well-being. Our company was founded in 2008 and we have expanded the courses we can offer considerably. All of the courses on offer are delivered exclusively by us.

  • Exclusive Courses
  • Founded In 2008
  • Specialist Training
  • Bespoke Or Standard Training
  • Accredited Or Non-Accredited
  • From Small To Large Businesses
About Us

AD Training Solutions can provide bespoke training for your business

Our Training

Why Choose Us To Deliver Your Training?

Our knowledge and understanding of all these subjects has enhanced and deepened our delivery of course content and has considerably improved learners achievement and pass rates in excess of 90% across all our qualifications.

We work with a number of awarding organisations such as the HABC as well as other agencies such as the BRC and FSA to maintain our knowledge base and legislative currency.

Courses taught by us include

  • Food Safety Level 2 - 4
  • HACCP Level 2 - 4
  • Allergen awareness Level 3
  • EATS at level 3
  • Highfield Level 3 Award in Delivering Training (RQF)
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Our Goal

Mission Statement


AD Training Solutions was founded with one simple objective – to make food compliance easy. We do this by helping to educate food handlers, food businesses and the food industry in food safety and food quality compliance requirements. The most obvious benefit to this is a safer food supply for everyone.

Our Values

Core Values

These six core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication for promoting food safety and educating food businesses. Our strong ethical values help to keep us aligned in everything that we do.

  • We strive to create solutions that help the food industry produce safe wholesome food at the best possible price.
  • We train a culture for everyone involved in the food production chain to follow the rules regardless of who is or isn’t watching.
  • We create, cultivate and maintain authentic, meaningful relationships that go beyond food compliance.
  • We provide solutions that leave organisations and people more competent and confident than we found them.
  • We promote continuous professional development by imparting knowledge skills and expertise that expand minds and encourage curiosity to and learn something new every day.
  • We encourage learning through making learning fun; we do this by being enthusiastic and passionate about what we do.

Our Consultancy Service

Need Support?

We can assist by assisting you to write compliant practical food safety policies, carry out hazard analysis and perform food safety and hygiene audits. We work closely with your team to resolve your concerns with long termworkable solutions.

  • Preparatory help prior to your ISO 2000 or BRC audits?
  • A health check for your Food Safety and Quality Policies to ensure that they are up to date and compliant with the latest legislation?
  • Is your Food Safety paperwork adequate and compliant?
  • Is your HACCP adequate to control your food safety hazards, and ensure due-diligence?
  • A check on your validation, verification and documentation procedures for HACCP?

We have been providing a comprehensive Food Safety Consultancy and compliance support for over 10 years, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands! To find out more or to book a free no obligation site visit, simply click here to contact us.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say


"Thank you so much for the training. The guys who attended said it was great and really enjoyed it. They are words I have never heard used about food hygiene training before so that is testimony to your training delivery!"


St Thomas Church Philadelphia, Sheffield

"I really enjoyed the course I did at ADtraining solutions, it was informative, professional and really easy to understand. I have since had a promotion and I feel that doing this course helped me towards that. Thanks."


PFP Leisure

"Dale delivered a day's food hygiene training for quite a large group of us at our own premises. His energy and enthusiasm for the subject kept the whole group engaged. He tailored the content and the timing of the training as much as possible to our needs. The group had a very positive experience. I have attended a number of food hygiene training sessions over the years as part of my job and this was certainly the best."

Resource Centre Manager
Rotherham Mind

" A.D Training Solutions translated C.O.S.H.H, &Health and Safety and Induction material into Polish for us here at Halifax Hall Hotel, which is part of the University of Sheffield. They made a superb job of all the documents and turned a training problem around for us. Very professional and helpful. Thank you Aga and Dale."

Lynn Hardy

Housekeeping Manager
Halifax Hall Hotel

"Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed the Food and Hygiene Course delivered by AD Training Solutions. The course delivery was very professional and interactive. We received written guides, demonstrations and audio recordings which contributed to a great learning experience."

Natasha & Ruth

"I've completed 5-day Education and Training course with Dale and Aga. I wasn't able to attend 5 consecutive days so Dale scheduled the course to our needs and we've done it over Fridays/Saturdays. Our sessions have been so interesting, with lots of activities scheduled. Dale's knowledge and experience were fantastic. He was very supportive throughout the whole course and Aga gave us lots of excellent tips regarding assignment and other written documentation. I could phone or email them anytime and they were very quick to come back with the answer. Dale is very enthusiastic and professional trainer. I appreciate the most their flexibility and support. I highly recommend Aga and Dale, who will make your training experience exciting and easy! Thank you! Best regards!"

Ula Byrd

Training Officer
Premier Foods Ltd

"Thank you for the training provided my staff and myself. The sessions were conducted in a relaxed, clear and concise manor and would not hesitate to recommend your services"

David Williams

Group Operations Manager
J.W.Young (Butchers) Ltd

"I recently attended a training course delivered by Dale Slinger of AD Training Solutions. The course was really enjoyable and delivered at a pace that the whole group were able to participate in. Dale was professional, approachable and supportive and funny! Which really did impact on not only the learning but also how much I enjoyed it? Thank you."

Trudie White

Residence Life Officer
University of Sheffield

"Dale is gifted, creative, resourceful, quick on his feet to change approaches in teaching delivery and design to respond to the needs and abilities of his learners. He takes his teaching responsibilities extremely seriously and has shown great initiative in his delivery for me."

Mark Allen MSc.

New Business Development Manager
Target Housing

"I have recently completed my level 3 award in Education and Training with Dale at AD Training, I found the whole process to be excellent from start to finish. Dale was great trainer, he was very professional with a good balance of humour to aid my learning. He was always on hand to support and offer guidance through out the course. I would recommend AD Training and Dale to anyone who is thinking of doing any training and I will be looking to complete further courses in the future."

Richard Bugdol

Freelance First Aid Trainer

"As a non food supplier to the retail industry we needed an HACCP course more tailored to our products and processes. Dale at AD Training was very accommodating in tailoring the course so much so that not only did he train HACCP level 3 but we put a large group of our team through Food Hygiene level 2 again geared to a non food supplier. From this we have then formed a relationship where AD Training have provided Auditing and Inspection skills training on site as well as staff attending one day training events at their premises. They are very engaging with their us a the client and very professional with the delivery of their service. I would recommend them for training purposes nothing was too much trouble."

Jane Lee

HR Manager
Robinson Healthcare Limited

"A.D Training Solutions Ltd translated C.O.S.H.H, Health and Safety and Induction material into Polish for us here at Halifax Hall Hotel, which is part of the University of Sheffield. They made a superb job of all the documents and turned a training problem around for us. Very professional and helpful. Thank you Dale and Aga."

Lynn Hardy

Housekeeping Manager
Halifax Hall

"Great service. Took the time to learn about the site, both in terms of type & nature of injuries from accidents, so that the training could be tailored specifically to us. This enabled Dale to focus on ensuring that the first aiders are particularly well versed on the types of injuries that they will be dealing with to ensure that they are prepared for what they have signed up to. I was very happy with the training and would certainly use Dale again. I would highly recommend using Dale for first aid training."

David Rafferty

Health, Safety & Environment Manager
Fletcher's Bakery, Sheffield

AD Training Solutions can provide bespoke training for your business

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